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The Dangers of Swollen or Bleeding Gums

It could happen any normal morning. You wake up, stumble to the bathroom to brush your teeth, you rinse, and then…

Traces of red catch your eye and you realise your gums are bleeding.

This is not entirely uncommon and your instinct might be to dismiss it as normal. But DON’T! Bleeding gums are abnormal and can be your mouth’s way of telling you that something is wrong or needs to be changed. If you see any traces of blood, or feel tenderness or swelling, it is time for a visit to your Deer Park dentist.


10 Interesting Factoids About Your Teeth

In the fast-paced modern world, it can be hard to find even a few minutes of peace and calm. We are surrounded by noise, interactions, and advertising campaigns.

To give you a break, the professionals at Smart Smile Dental offer you a diversion with this short (more or less) collection of dental facts myths. Please enjoy it.

Some of the myths that revolve around how to cure a toothache can be quite entertaining.

Resolve To Practice Good Dental Habits In The New Year

Resolve To Practice Good Dental Habits In The New Year

Good oral health is a critical part of overall health that we sometimes neglect. Fortunately the New Year is the perfect time to make (and carry out!) resolutions that support healthy habits.

Whether it’s improving tooth brushing, completing dental treatments, or practicing mouth-healthy habits, wellness resolutions are always in season. The benefits of setting goals can be rewarding, motivating and result in better health.