4 Great Dental Tips for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is a miracle, but it comes with many things to prepare for and details to take care of. But even in this hectic time, a pregnant woman should not ignore dental health as it affects not only the mother, but the child as well.

Happily, most routine treatment is perfectly safe during pregnancy. During the first three months of pregnancy, however, some treatments and medicines are better avoided. This means that the first step towards safe dental treatment during pregnancy is to let your dentist know you are pregnant.


10 Interesting Factoids About Your Teeth

In the fast-paced modern world, it can be hard to find even a few minutes of peace and calm. We are surrounded by noise, interactions, and advertising campaigns.

To give you a break, the professionals at Smart Smile Dental offer you a diversion with this short (more or less) collection of dental facts myths. Please enjoy it.

Some of the myths that revolve around how to cure a toothache can be quite entertaining.